Happy Birthday, Jamie Fraser!! The Twelve Best Jamies of the Season (So Far…)


The most celebrated holiday of the year has finally arrived! No, I’m not talking about May Day. I’m clearly referring to Jamie Fraser’s birthday!

There are so many ways we can honor Himself, and none of them feel quite adequate. I mean, this is the man who has ruined all other men for Outlander fans forever. Where would we even begin?

Well, since yesterday happened to be the birthday of Sam Heughan, who so perfectly brings our Jamie to life every week on screen, a list of our Top 12 Favorite Jamies from the first 12 episodes seems fitting.

(In the mood for a more comprehensive look at why we love Book Jamie so much? Check it out here.)

The following Jamies are listed in no particular order. Why? Because EVERY Jamie is an awesome Jamie.

BloodyJamieOh, that Jamie. Always getting into scrapes and practically bleeding to death and brushing it off. He’s so zany like that.


His emotional wounds are so much deeper than his scars. He doesna want you to feel sorry for him, but if you happen to be tending to his gunshots/stab wounds/dislocated shoulders in front of a super sexy fire, he might just open up about his deepest, darkest pain.


And he runs into a lot of pain. In retrospect, taking a punch or fifty for Laoghaire was probably not the best idea, but the man can not help himself when it comes to protecting and defending everyone around him. Isn’t that why we love him? (But seriously, Jamie, next time? Listen to Murtagh.)


Jamie can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble every time he enters the Great Hall. (Thanks, Claire.) If he pledges his oath to the clan, he offends one uncle. If he doesn’t, he offends the other. What’s a man to do? Um, we’re not dealing with any man. We’re dealing with Jamie. Obviously, he’s got this.


Self-explanatory. Look at him.

HusbandJamieSo hard. Especially when you’re married to a strong-minded 20th century woman. But he’s learning.


See? He is the best listener ever. No judgment. No disbelief. The man is perfect.


He is also absolutely the first person you will want in your corner if you encounter any sort of trouble whatsoever.

Indiana Jamie

Really. If there’s one upside to getting captured by Black Jack, it’s got to be a rescue mission like this one. The man is unstoppable. Un. Stoppable.

drunkjamie drunkjamie2

Unless he’s a little sauced, in which case he might be a wee bit difficult to deal with.


But he’s got so many feelings inside! He is just asking for those tears to be kissed away. Real men do cry, just like real men wear kilts. Unless they’re wearing pants…


And he looks GREAT in pants. At first it might be jarring, since Jamie is all about those kilts, but when he puts his pants on, our Laird of Lallybroch turns into a whole new Jamie. One who can almost give Claire a run for her money in terms of sassiness.

Happy Birthday, Jamie Fraser!!! And Happy Belated Birthday, Sam! Thanks to the two of you, life as a lassie is so much better.

With so many to choose from, there are definitely some great Jamies missed here. Do you have a favorite Jamie not included on the list? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!

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