All Things Outlander


Outlander. It’s so fantastic it deserves a page of its own. Between Diana Gabaldon’s incomparable book series, the perfectly perfect Starz television show and everything JAMMF, we could obsess over all things Outlander all day. And usually we do.

The Books We Love


Literary Hunk of December: Roger Wakefield

Ten Best Things Jamie Fraser Has Ever Said

What Makes Outlander So Wonderful? Everything

Literary Hunk of November: Jamie Fraser

Happy Birthday, Claire Fraser!

Cooking My Way Through the Outlander Kitchen

The Show We Love

JAMMF smolder

Season Two: Outlander Superlatives

Episode 213: Dragonfly in Amber

Episode 212: The Hail Mary

Episode 211: Vengeance is Mine

Episode 210: Prestonpans

Episode 209: Je Suis Prest

Episode 208: The Fox’s Lair

Episode 207: Faith

Episode 206: Best Laid Schemes

Episode 205: Untimely Resurrection

Episode 204: La Dame Blanche

Episode 203: Useful Occupations and Deceptions

Episode 202: Not in Scotland Anymore

Episode 201: Through a Glass, Darkly

Season One Talk

12 Times Claire Couldn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut (and why we love her for it)

Happy Birthday, Jamie Fraser! 12 Best Jamies of the First 12 Episodes

NYC Outlander Premiere: A Tartan Affair (And a Dream Come True!)

It’s Outlander Premiere Week!

Outlander: Best Moments of Season One…So Far

Why Outlander Deserves Some Golden Globes (and all of the awards ever)


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