Outlander Superlatives: Episode 306 – A. Malcom

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived.


I’m sure these two won’t get into any trouble at all, right?

This super-sized episode brought on super-sized feelings for me, and even though I’m desperately missing Roger and Bree, seeing the Scot and his Sassenach back together was everything I hoped for and more. So let’s not dilly dally. Let’s break down the best of the best Outlander Superlatives from Episode 306, “A. Malcom.”


When you see your soul mate for the first time in twenty years, you’re bound to experience a whole smorgasbord of emotions, and Jamie and Claire cover all of them. From shock:

To awkwardness:


To the conflicting emotions of seeing your daughter for the first time and knowing that you’ve missed her whole life and seeing how amazing she is but also thinking how she was raised by Frank and realizing that she’s living 200 YEARS IN THE FUTURE WHILE YOU’RE HERE WITH YOUR PRINTING PRESS WHY IS LIFE SO HARD:

To self-doubt:

To realizing you have SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON:

To nose kisses, which I think should be the name of JAMMF’s new signature fragrance.

So many feelings, all portrayed so beautifully. SOMEBODY SERIOUSLY GIVE THESE TWO EMMYS ALREADY.

The Real Star of the Show: A. Malcom’s Fanciness


Here he is, just heading off to work, clearing a path in the streets with his fanciness, having NO IDEA that his world is about to get CRAZY.

And he doesn’t just look fancy. He must feel pretty fancy too, with his own little shop and this fancy, fancy sign that he’s so proud of.

I’ll take you any way you look, JAMMF, but this is a big improvement from those six years you spent in a cave.

Best Special Guest Star: Geordie’s Sass

Poor Geordie. He just wants to go to work and do his job and not get razzed about his goiter and not walk in on his boss with his pants down. Is that too much to ask?

Best Grab-a-Tissue Moment: Claire and Fergus

I’m not going to lie. Jamie and Claire’s reunion had me feeling all the feelings, but Fergus and Claire had me crying all the tears.

They were like a little family and then she went and disappeared for twenty years. They have SO MUCH to catch up on!

Best Brazen Claire Moment: Hangin’ with Hookers Claire

You know that when Jamie tells Claire to stay put she’s never actually going to stay put. Maybe he forgets who he’s married to? What he should have said was, “Sassenach, why don’t you get some fresh air, take a stroll, explore the brothel for a while,” and she’d be like, “Nah, I’m just going to stay in bed.” But telling her to stay put is basically an open invitation for her to go downstairs and make friends with the prostitutes.

You know who you married, JAMMF. She doesn’t take orders.

Hottest JAMMF: Nibblin’ on Leftovers JAMMF

No explanation needed, really.

Second Hottest JAMMF: Printing Press JAMMF

I’ve never given much thought to what working a printing press entails, but….DANG IT’S SEXY.

Most Sympathetic: Madame Jeanne

I feel for Madame Jeanne. I really do. I mean, every morning she gets to help this man tie his cravat, and she’s probably thinking that one of these days he’ll come out of that room of his and take her away from this life. Or at least become a paying customer.

But then RECORD SCRATCH, Madame Jeanne. This sexy printer’s got a WIFE.

We feel you, Madame Jeanne. Believe me. We all feel you.

Cutest Goofball: Wee Ian

He may have only had about three minutes of screen time, but I cannae WAIT to see more of this awkward little goofball. I feel like he needs a sidekick. A dog, maybe. What do you think?

Most Welcome Return: Jamie + Modern Words

I forgot how much I love it when Claire uses zany 20th century terms and Jamie is befuddled. Bicycles. Jell-o. What’s next?

Biggest 18th Century Inconvenience: Layers

Am I the only one who was singing the hokey pokey while Jamie and Claire got undressed? “Undo some buttons here, undo some buttons there…you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all….GOOD LORD MORE BUTTONS?”

HOW MANY LAYERS OF CLOTHES DO THESE PEOPLE WEAR? It must take hours to get dressed in the morning.


Honestly, friends, I could talk about this episode ALL DAY, but I’ll leave you with two questions. One: How beautiful is JAMMF?

And two: How excited are you for Episode 307, “Creme de Menthe”? Let’s discuss!

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