Outlander Superlatives: Episode 404 – Common Ground

Outlander fans, we are Rollo-ing right along with season four and things are only getting better. There are cool nicknames. There are phone calls. THERE ARE BEARS! (Sort of.)

We have a lot to cover this week, from hot Jamie after hot Jamie to those two crazy kids in the 20th century, so let’s jump right in with our Outlander Superlatives for Episode 404, “Common Ground.”

Episode MVP: Bear Killer

Just when you think Jamie can’t get any Jamier, he goes up against a bear—or, if we’re being technical, a crazy dude in a bear carcass. And not only does Jamie kill the Bear Man, he drags his bloody, fur-encased corpse to the Cherokee as a peace offering.

I mean, I’d probably prefer some freshly baked cookies, but that’s just me.

Call me crazy, but I find this Jamie VERY ATTRACTIVE. And I’m not the only one.

Now we have another pseudonym to add to JAMMF’s tally, and I’m with Ian in thinking that Bear Killer is just about the coolest moniker ever.

The Real Star of the Show: That Phone Call

The phone call between Roger and Bree was about three minutes long and it basically stole the whole darn episode. I mean, did you pick up on all of that subtext?

But Roger and his pride are still hurting, so he had to cut right to the chase.

In all seriousness, though, this scene was beautifully acted by Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin. In the span of this short little phone call, they conveyed SO MUCH EMOTION, from yearning to pain to love to THAT FEELING WHEN YOU FIND OUT THAT YOUR MOM SUCCESSFULLY TRAVELED THROUGH TIME AGAIN. (Sorry, I couldn’t find the exact word for that one.) I can’t wait to see more from these two.

Best Special Guest Star: Roger’s Poker Face

You gotta love that Claire, Brianna, and Roger all neglected the fact that maybe Fiona could overhear them talking about time travel and ghosts while she prepared their scones and tea. And when she casually mentions that she knows what’s up, Roger looks like my dog after I’ve caught him stealing a roll of toilet paper.

Highest Road Taken: Claire and Marsali

Claire must have been listening to a lot of ”Loch Lomond”, because she knows how to take the high road. When Marsali talks about missing her mother, Claire could be like, “Laoghaire? Are you sure? Why don’t I tell you about the time she put an ill wish under my pillow? Or almost got me killed in a witch trial? And do you remember how she shot Jamie like a year ago?” She could say all of those things, but instead she comforts Marsali by telling her that Laoghaire did a fine job raising her and Marsali will do a fine job with her bairn as well. And honestly? It kind of blows my mind that she’s right. How did someone as cray cray as Laoghaire end up with the coolest of cool daughters? I wouldn’t rule out witchcraft.

Hottest JAMMF: Talkin’ Books JAMMF

Bear Killer aside (because he was obviously my favorite JAMMF of the week and maybe THE YEAR), there’s really nothing hotter than JAMMF talking about his plans for Fraser’s Ridge. More specifically, his plans for BOOKS AND READING. Two of his top priorities are building shelves for their books and having lots of candles for reading. You are speaking my language, JAMMF. You can talk nerdy to me all day.

Honorable Mention: Choppin’ Trees JAMMF

This needs to be mentioned. For obvious reasons.

Best Kept Secret: JAMIE KNITS

There are so many layers to this man.

Ultimate Superhero: ROLLO

There’s no need to fear. ROLLO IS HERE!

What would the Frasers do without Rollo? He alerts them when the tribe approaches. He warns them about the Bear Man. He FINDS JOHN QUINCY MEYERS, ultimately saving his life (with a little help from Claire). Someone give this dog a cape. HE IS THE ULTIMATE HERO.

Well, him and Bear Killer.

So, what do you think, Fraser’s Ridgians? What were your favorite moments from “Common Ground”? Let’s discuss, and let’s get ready to talk about “Savages” next!!

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