Outlander Superlatives: Episode 405 – Savages

Just when you think Outlander can’t get any better, they go and throw in a Murtaugh.


There’s a lot to unpack from Episode 405, “Savages.” Bree’s at Craigh na Dun! Jamie’s having premonitions! Roger’s beefing up on his detective skills! Claire makes a friend!

Oh, no. It never ends well when Claire makes a friend.

Let’s dive in with the latest edition of Outlander Superlatives, shall we?

Episode MVP: Murtaugh & Friends


The minute I heard the lilt of that blacksmith’s voice, my heart spilled right out into my tea.

(Perhaps that’s a poor choice of words, since this is Outlander and someone’s bloody heart literally ending up in a teacup probably wouldn’t be out of the question. I just mean I was OVERCOME.)

There’s so much to love about Murtaugh’s return. He swindles Wee Ian! He raises a glass to freedom like an understudy from Hamilton! He wags those brows like nobody’s business! But the real reason to celebrate Murtaugh’s return? He makes JAMMF the HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE.

And not only that, this Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy also makes Claire jump for joy, and after everything she’s been through this week? Claire needs it.

I’m so excited for the Key Three to be back together again! And I can’t wait for Murtaugh to meet grown up Fergus! SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

The Real Star of the Show: HUGS

Any reunion worth its salt needs a good hug, and this episode is chock full of them. And not to be weird, but they look like really good hugs.

You’ve got your classic Jamie/Claire hug, as is often seen during a dramatic reunion between these two, yet it never seems to lose its shimmer.

Then you’ve got your Claire/Murtaugh hug, which, when you look back at 1743 Claire and Murtaugh, never seemed like it would be a thing.

Then you’ve got the best hug of all, your Jamurtaugh Jamboree, which is basically something I want to see all day, every day.

Most Likely to Guest Star on Law & Order: Detective Rog

Don’t let the adorable knit cap and plaid trousers fool you. THIS MAN MEANS BUSINESS.

Detective Roger Wakefield is on a mission to find the girl he loves, and he is not afraid to trace her steps and grill everyone she may have had contact with, like this kindly cabbie who is wearing more tweed than I’ve ever seen in my life.

He’s also got this artist’s rendering, which could have been sketched back at the station, were it not readily available at the Scottish festival.

And apparently, Rog’s private eye game is strong because that innkeeper took no time in handing over Brianna’s letter.

If the Oxford gig doesn’t work out, Wakefield, I think we all know what line of work you should go into.

Best Trickster: The White Sow

Fun fact: Every time I fold a batch of laundry, my dog steals something and runs under the bed with it. I feel like that is the white sow’s M.O. also. The real question is: How did she get Jamie’s tricorne without him even noticing? Maybe we should put Detective Rog on this case.

Most Heartbreaking: Adawehi

It must be so hard to be Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser. EVERY TIME she makes a friend, that friend ends up in a witch trial or gets attacked in a back alley or dies of typhoid or gets scalped by a crazy German guy.

Adawehi, we hardly knew ye, but you taught our girl Cherokee and gave her some puzzling glimpses into the future, and for that, you’ll never be forgotten. I haven’t been this saddened by a minor character’s death since Elias Pound.

Murtaugh, please take some herbal supplements and use extra caution when hanging with La Dame Blanche, ya dig?

Proudest Dad: JAMMF

I love how proud Jamie is of his college girl. The sparkle in his eye telling Murtaugh that Brianna is at university—a woman, at that!—is just so adorable. It’s too bad Claire couldn’t have brought him an “MIT Dad” bumper sticker from the future to stick on his horse-drawn wagon.

Best Brazen Claire Moment: Crisis Negotiator Fraser

I love that Claire gets right in the middle of the Muellers and the Cherokee and gets both sides to put down their weapons. I’d say it has 50% to do with her skill and 50% to do with being the wife of Bear Killer.

Biggest Doppelgänger: Little Mueller and Highland Willie

Is it me or is Herr Mueller’s son the very spit of Willie the Highlander (not to be confused with Willie, son of JAMMF)?

Hottest JAMMF: Prescient JAMMF

I’m sorry, but would you look at how majestic this man’s face is talking about Brianna’s birthmark? HOW DOES HE KNOW? Seriously, though, the depths of Sam Heughan’s acting never cease to astound me. He conveys so many layers of emotion, often without even uttering a word. He deserves all of the awards.

He also deserves a shout out for pulling off that Founding Father look like no other.

Biggest Cliffhanger: BRIANNA AT THE STONES



So, fellow Fraserphiles, what did you think of “Savages”? And are you beyond excited for the Lord John/Willie (Son of JAMMF)/Fraser reunion in the next episode? And are you going to start sleeping with these arm warmers like Claire? Because honestly, I think they’re tres chic.

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