Outlander Superlatives: Episode 211 – “Vengeance is Mine”

Everything is coming to a head on Outlander! (Sorry. Had to.)

Episode 211, “Vengeance is Mine”, was straight up CRAZY in the best way imaginable. Hugh Munro came back! Rupert was a regular Bob Hope! Murtaugh was Murtaughing up a storm! Before I get ahead of myself, let’s dive into our Outlander Superlatives or heads will roll. (Last one. Promise.)

Episode MVP: Diana Gabaldon

Diana G MVP

Diana Gabaldon is pretty much my lifetime MVP because she gave us freaking JAMIE AND CLAIRE FRASER and I honestly can’t imagine my life without Jamie and Claire Fraser. The reason she is the MVP this week, though, is because she wrote this amaaaazing episode and peppered it with the kind of humor and one-liners that make her the best of the best. Case in point? One-eyed Rupert: “When ye find her, give her a wink for me, eh?”

The Real Star of the Show: Jamie’s Acrobatics

JAMMF acrobat

Who knew that such a big, strong highlander could be so lithe and agile? I can’t even count the number of walls he jumped over in this episode, landing gracefully on his feet like a sexy cat.

Okay, I can count. It was two. But still. There was probably more wall-jumping off screen that we didn’t see.

Best Special Guest Star: Dougal’s Heart

Dougal Teddy Bear

This is the Dougal I know and love. Yeah, last week he stabbed a bunch of guys in cold blood but THIS week he brought us back to his softer side by threatening the redcoats that they’d better not harm Mistress Beauchamp and by telling Jamie and Murtaugh, “Bring our lass back safe.” Awww. Uncle Dougie. Can you be this guy all the time?

Best Brazen Claire Moment: Dining with the Duke Claire

claire daydream jamie

Claire has got to have guts of steel. Not only does she calmly and sassily sit across from a villain like the Duke of Sandringham, she also manages to give him the best stinkeye in history.

Claire Duke Stinkeye

 Hottest Jamie: Pillow Talk Jamie


Just when you think JAMMF can’t get any hotter, he goes and pours his heart out in a Gaelic prayer. Excuse me while I weep.

Best of the Best of the Best: Murtauuuuugh


Has Murtaugh been a hot topic in nearly every blog post this season? Yes, but there is seriously never enough Murtaugh in my life, and this week we got Murtaugh at his very best. Not only did he lay vengeance at Claire and Mary’s feet, he also went into a diatribe about Claire’s Gaelic spelling and grammar. Seriously, when is he getting his own webisodes?

Best Reaction to a Beheading: JAMMF Being JAMMF


Exhibit A: Claire and Mary showing a perfectly normal reaction to witnessing a gruesome beheading. Exhibit B: JAMMF.

Guys, JAMMF has seen some stuff.

So, what did you think, fellow JAMMFanatics? Will you miss the Duke of Sandringham and his inability to blurt? Do you feel compelled to give Dougal a hug? And do you want to go in on group t-shirts with Murtaugh’s face on them? Please advise.

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