Outlander Superlatives: Episode 209 – Je Suis Prest

Well, it’s finally happened.

Our darling boy JAMMF has become a MAN JAMMF. There’s no better way to describe Episode 209, “Je Suis Prest.”


“Je Suis Prest” got us even more excited (and even more scared) about what’s ahead for our favorite clansmen. Everything about this episode was perfect–from Claire’s PTSD to just the right amount of shirtless highlanders–but let’s take a look at the best of the best in this week’s installment of Outlander Superlatives.

Episode MVP: General JAMMF

Jamie Fraser Clear Eyes Full HeartsLet’s get one thing straight: All Jamies are awesome Jamies. There’s Innocent Newlywed Jamie and “Revenge is Mine” Jamie and even Not-So-Good-At-Lairding-Lallybroch Jamie. (He’s learned, though. He’s learned.) Finally, all those Jamies have culminated into my very favorite Jamie of all – KING OF MEN JAMIE – and in this episode, we got to welcome him with open arms. Between his controlled, intelligent leadership, putting Uncle Dougal in his place, having himself whipped because of justice, and giving an amazing maker-of-men speech that would do Coach Eric Taylor proud, General JAMMF became the reigning King of Outlander this week. (Sorry, Louis. Miss ya!) The really big question is: How can the Jacobites ever lose with this godlike creature leading his clan? (Except, you know, history and all that.)


The Real Star of the Show: Scotland


In case things weren’t clear last week, we are so back in Scotland, and here’s what that really means: Our favorite highlanders have reunited, there are a lot more kilts, and Jamie’s hair is super wind-blown.


But the best thing about being back in Scotland is seeing how much the Frasers, Mackenzies, and random farmers with pitchforks love their country. I swear, every time Dougal says “Scotland,” he looks like he’s going to cry, and then I want to cry because, guys, Dougal Mac is not the type to cry! (Except he probably will when he meets the Bonnie Prince and starts fangirling like I did when I met Scott Wolf at a crosswalk in 2001.)

Dougal Scotland

Best Special Guest Star: Murtaugh’s Wink


Did anyone else catch Murtaugh winking at Claire? When did they become besties? Are they getting matching friendship necklaces? Are they going to choreograph more song and dance numbers? Do you think Magnus is going to catch wind of it in France and get jealous? These are questions I need answered.

Best Brazen Claire Moment:”Step Off, Dougal” Claire


As much as I love Uncle Dougs, somebody had to tell him off, and while Jamie may be the type to be diplomatic and say, “I respect you, Uncle, but you have no idea what you’re doing,” Claire has no problem telling Dougal to go fudge himself. Best of all? The fact that she had to give him a vocabulary lesson in the middle of it. “In case you don’t know what a narcissist is, let me tell you.” Ohhhh snap! You know how to take a man down a peg, don’t you Claire? Just one of the many reasons we love you. (But as much as I loved this speech, can someone please give Dougal a hug already? Rupert? Angus? Anybody? For Scotland.)

Hottest Jamie: “Call Me JAMMF” Jamie


When Bonnie Prince Charlie forged Jamie’s name on that document in his support, I wondered how he knew all of Laird Lallybroch’s 37 names. Now I realize why. JAMMF loves telling people his name is JAMMF. When Dougal brought in his new “recruits,” JAMMF could have just told them that they were free to go. Instead, he had to take five minutes to introduce himself formally as James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser, and I can’t say I blame him because James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser is a damn good name, even if he might have a hard time fitting it on his business cards.

In related news, this is how a JAMMF sits. That is all.


Best Reader-Happy Moment: #LordJohnGrey


A young British soldier waltzes in and tries to kill Red Jamie and all of a sudden the internet explodes with #LORDJOHNGREY!!!!!! No spoilers for non-book readers, but as the lad says, a Grey doesn’t forget an obligation. Life is long, and Scotland isn’t all that big. JUST SAYIN’.

In summation, “Je Suis Prest” rocked my world and  I am verra, verra prest for what’s to comeWhere General JAMMF leads, I will follow. Because we all know he looks great from behind.

JAMMF roar

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