Outlander Superlatives: Episode 208 – “The Fox’s Lair”

There are a lot of things I’ll miss about the Frasers being in France. I’ll miss Jamie’s beautiful ponytails, Claire’s fierce cloaks, Love Man Murtaugh’s dalliances with Suzette, and, of course, King Louis and his fancy, fancy hands. But all good road trips must come to an end, and like Laird Lallybroch, I was beyond elated to get back to Scotland and its animal smell.

jamie kilts happy

Here’s a look at all of the verra Scottish Outlander Superlatives from Episode 208, “The Fox’s Lair.”

Episode MVP: Frasertude

Frasertude noun

There’s nothing like getting a couple of Frasers in a room together and seeing who can out ‘tude the other. Between Jenny using her old standby of telling Jamie that Father must be turnin’ in his grave, Jamie throwing scotch into grandsire’s fire, and the Old Fox tauntingly calling JAMMF “Obstacle,” there was enough Frasertude in this episode to last a lifetime. (Except not really because I want all Frasertude in my life all the time.) Even Young Simon got into the action by calling out Lovat and Colum as a couple of old stuck-in-their-ways fuddyduds. Perhaps my favorite bit of Frasertude, though, was Jamie calling Jenny by her given name. You do not call that woman Janet without meanin’ business.

It’s okay, though. Forehead kisses make everything better.

Jamie Jenny Forehead truce

The Real Star of the Show: Claire’s Knitwear

claire knits miss dress

Do I miss Claire’s amazingly colorful Parisian gowns? Absolutely. But as a New Englander born and bred, I totally know the value of a good chunky scarf, and am so glad to see Claire’s legendary cowls and wraps back in full effect. Also, do you think she loaned one out to Fergus? Or do you think Jenny knitted him one of his very own to welcome him to the family?

Fergus Knit fashion

**Honorary Mention**: Jamie’s Mixed Patterns

Jamie Patterns JAMMFWEARmismatch

Only JAMMF could pull off so many looks at once and still look so good.

Best Special Guest Star: Potatoes


The Frasers have enough for an all ye can eat tattie buffet, and now I want fries. And tots. And more fries. And maybe a twice-baked. And more fries.

How do you think Jamie takes his tatties? He seemed interested in the mashed but honestly I can picture him indulging in some crispy, roasted wedges. And fries.

Most “We Get It” Moment: Laoghaire and the Shirt Sniff

laoghaire sniff been there

I know, I know. Laoghaire is the worst of the worst. But can you blame her for giving JAMMF’s shirt a good sniff? I can’t hate on that.

But I can hate on everything else about Laoghaire so I’m pretty glad that she has to ride all the way home to Castle Leoch on the back of a carriage carrying what I can only assume is a bag of Colum’s dirty undies.

Laoghaire Laundry shirt

Hottest Jamie: Baby Talkin’ Jamie

jamie baby lullaby

JAMMF talked to a baby. In related news, women everywhere agree to give their first born children to JAMMF.

Best Brazen Claire Moment:  The Sixth Sense Claire

Claire Seer 6th sense

Once you’ve been on trial for witchcraft, it’s probably not the best idea to go around having “visions,” but who cares? Claire making the Old Fox shake in his boots (and, oh yeah, saving Lallybroch) was way too awesome. She’s probably been harboring that acting bug ever since she and Murtaugh did their song-and-dance show.

What are your thoughts? Did you have a favorite moment from “The Fox’s Lair”? Are ye as happy as JAMMF to be back in Scotland?

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