Bridget Jones’s Baby: All the Feels from the Trailer

I am a die-hard Bridget Jones’s Diary fan. If someone starts to say, “Do you know…” I immediately mentally fill in, “…where the toilets are?” and I’m pretty sure if I ever saw Salman Rushdie in person, I’d be like, “Loved your work at the Kafka’s Motorbike book launch.” Obviously, when it was announced that Renee Zellweger would be returning for the third installment in the film franchise, I was beyond excited, and when the trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby was released earlier this week, I went through such a potluck of emotions I felt like Jessie Spano on caffeine pills.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you need to hit up youtube stat. If you have seen it, maybe you can relate to all the feels I had.

Bridget Mpaa 1

OMG! I can’t believe there’s actually going to be another Bridget Jones movie. I can already picture watching it on the big screen, chomping on delicious, buttery  popcorn. Side note: I should make popcorn.


BRIDGE!!! You’re a bride!!!! You and Mark are finally tying the knot!!! What’s taken you guys so long? It’s been more than 10 years. Oh, well. It’s happening! Just don’t become smug marrieds, kay?


Jude! Shazzer! Bridge’s mum! LOVE the hats, ladies. Are they Philip Treacy? He’s the only milliner I know from across the pond. Okay, he’s the only milliner I know period. Thanks, Royal Wedding!

Bridget Tom 4

TOM. Looking dapper with a capital D, my friend. Remember when you thought that old couple wanted your autograph but actually your chair was on the woman’s coat? Lolz. You’re a riot.

Bridget Dad 5

Bridget’s dad! Here’s hoping you two don’t get invited to any tarts and vicars parties this time around. JK! That party will give you stories to talk about for years.

BridgetCupcake 1

Hold on. That was all a fantasy sequence?! Bridget is still single?! Or single again?! What happened to Mark Darcy? WHERE IS MARK DARCY! But yum that cupcake looks amazing.

BridgetCupcake 2

Seriously. Look at the frosting. It’s on point. Who doesn’t love a good pink frosting?

Bridget Dress 6

Ummm that dress is FIERCE. You snooze you lose, Mark Darcy. If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it. But seriously,why didn’t you put a ring on it?

Bridget Ed Sheeran

:::::Record Screeching:::::: ED SHEERAN IS IN THIS MOVIE?!

Bridget Workplace 7

Bridget in the workplace! I love Bridget in the workplace!

Bridget Mark 8

MAAAAAAAAARK! Why are you two broken up? WHY are you ordering big ole drinks? WHY do you look sad? WHAT HAPPENED.

Bridget McDreamy 9

:::::Record Scratch #2:::::McDreamy is in this movie?!! And looking gooooood. And making a Cinderella/slipper reference? Is this a shoutout to Enchanted? Why is there no Enchanted 2? That movie was everything. But wait – does this mean no Daniel Cleaver?

BridgetPregnant 10

PREGNANT! Oh, right. This movie is called Bridget Jones’s Baby. But still! Pregnant Bridget? It’s going to open the doors for so many zany, awkward moments!

Bridget Workplace 11


BridgeShabbyChic 11

So wait. Three big questions: Who’s the dad? And why can I never pull off this shabby chic look? And is Daniel Cleaver really not in this one?

BridgetDad 12

More of Bridget’s dad! He loves a good sweater vest. Like my dad. Should I get my dad a sweater vest like this for Father’s Day? Putting a pin in that for later.

BridgeMumOffice 13

Ohhh so no one knows who Baby Daddy is. That’s interesting. But WAIT. Vote Pamela Jones? Is Bridget’s mum running for office??

Marksuit 14

Oh, Mark. You’d better be the father. You know how to rock a suit better than anyone. Not that that’s why you should be the father. You should be the father because you’re Mark Freaking Darcy. But you do know how to rock a suit.

BRIDGET EmmaThompson 14

HOLD THE PHONES. Emma Thompson is in this movie!?!?!

Bridget Mark 15

Ummm yeah, Mark. You’ve gots to be the father. Look at your face. You love Bridget so much.

BridgetMark 16

And Bridget you love him too!!! He’s Mark Darcy of the Reindeer Jumper fame!

Bridget McDreamy 17

You’re totally adorable McDreamy and I love you to bits but if there’s one thing for sure in life it’s that Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy are meant to be. Maybe you and Emma Thompson will hit it off?

Bridget Due 18

2016?!!? Oh, wait. It is 2016. When did that happen? Anyway. The movie baby is coming!!!  ::::bookmarking Fandango::::::

Are you looking forward to Bridget Jones’s Baby? How do you feel about the trailer? Do you miss Daniel Cleaver? Sound off in the comments and let’s discuss.





3 thoughts on “Bridget Jones’s Baby: All the Feels from the Trailer

  1. Is this the film of the last book, where she has 2 kids?? Love that McDreamy is in it, that is a reason to watch it on its own. Is McDreamy the same as Cleaver? I’m confused! I like your very enthusiastic post of it, I will be going to see it.

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