March Hunkness: THE FINAL FOUR

You wonderful readers have spoken and your Final Four are HERE!!! The Wild Card Round gave you a chance to bring back one of our eliminated hunks, and while it initially looked like Jane Eyre’s Rochester had it in the bag, Persuasion’s Captain Fredrick Wentworth, eliminated in Round One, made a comeback!!! Kudos, Cap’n. You’ve always had my heart, and clearly I’m not the only one who appreciates the way you rock a love letter.

Now, onto the competition! Our four dreamboats have been randomly paired off into two INTENSE matchups. All you have to do is vote, and all they have to do is keep being their gorgeously charming selves. Are they tough choices? Sure, but somebody’s got to do it. You’ve got until the end of day tomorrow, April 3, to get those votes in. Vote as many times as you’d like!

Matchup #1: Mark Darcy vs. Fitzwilliam Darcy

Matchup #2: Jamie Fraser vs. Captain Wentworth

Thanks for playing! We’re one step closer to crowning our Champion of Hunks!!!

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