Announcing Our 2020 Champion of Hunks

Lit lovers! After five weeks of voting, we have a Spring Hunkness winner!

Over the course of the competition, we’ve had to say goodbye to some of the most iconic heartthrobs of the page, from brooding Bronte babes to an assortment of amorous Austen men. In the end, it all came down to two 18th century dreamboats who hit the page in the 20th century. It was a tight race between Ross Poldark and Jamie Fraser, but in the end, one pulled ahead for the title of 2020 Champion of Hunks.

:::::cue the bagpipes:::::

Congratulations to Laird Lallybroch himself, James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser!

Never underestimate a Scot. Or anyone who has survived the wrath of Captain Black Jack Randall.

This win makes JAMMF a two-time champion, as he was our inaugural winner back in 2017. Honestly, it makes sense. He’s honorable, he’s handsome, he takes care of everyone who comes into his circle, and he knows how to appreciate a strong and fiercely intelligent woman from the future. He’s the King of Men, and the King of Men can be hard to beat.

As ever, our Champion of Hunks will have bragging rights over all other heartthrobs of the page. Should JAMMF not be able to fulfill his hunky duties for any reason, runner-up Ross Poldark will be called upon to step in. Although anyone who knows JAMMF knows that shirking his duties would simply never happen.

We’d be remiss to not give Poldark a special shout out. He fought the good fight, and there’s always next year. At least he can rest assured that voting was fair and square and had no funny business at the hand of George Warleggan.

To everyone who voted, thanks for playing! I look forward to this competition every year, and this year especially, some fun and games were definitely warranted.

Congratulations to our Champ JAMMF and to all of our hunky literary contestants! In a race this dreamy, there truly are no losers.


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