Book Perfume’s 1st Blogiversary!

It’s Book Perfume’s Blogiversary! Cupcakes for everyone!

Virtual cupcakes are okay, right?
Virtual cupcakes are okay, right?
One year ago today, I launched Book Perfume with a post about one of my favorite literary hunks, Professor Friedrich Bhaer, and I wondered if anyone would even read it or if I would be like Brick Heck with his fontcast.

You can't let your fan down.
You can’t let your fan down.
In some respects, I can’t believe it’s only been a year, because I have been having way too much fun. I’ve met the best people, have had the privilege of reviewing so many phenomenal books, and have even had the thrill of seeing my first blurb in print, in Claire Cook’s fabulous Must Love Dogs: Bark and Roll Forever.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Jamie Fraser in the flesh this year, which really has nothing to do with the blog other than the fact that I wrote about it and try to drop it into any conversation I can.

King of men.
King of men.
To everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, connect on Facebook and Twitter, leave a comment, send me a nice note, or tell me how cute Riggins is–thank you! I appreciate it more than you know. As does Riggins, who had quite the year himself. It’s not every day you take a walk with JFK!

Don't spoil it for him. He was having a moment.
Don’t spoil it for him. He was having a moment.
As awesome as this first year has been, I am so, so excited about what’s to come. I have reviews coming up of wonderful books you need to be reading, and a couple of giveaways up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share with you. Plus, Outlander will be starting up again next year, and you know I can’t wait to keep talking about that.

Thank you for reading, sharing and staying tuned. If I can help you find your next favorite book or rediscover a classic you forgot you loved, I’ll be happier than Riggins on a dolphin cruise. And this dog loves his dolphin cruises.

Sorry, Jamie Fraser. I don't get seasick!
Sorry, Jamie Fraser. I don’t get seasick!
Happy reading!!

4 thoughts on “Book Perfume’s 1st Blogiversary!

  1. How exciting to actually get to Jamie Fraser! 🙂 I met Diana Gabaldon at a book signing last year. What an amazing writer she is (and what a sense of humor she has)! Keep up the fun; I enjoy reading your blog!

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