Shut the Front Door. Book Perfume is FOUR!

Throw on your party hats and get ready for some awkward, off-key singing. Book Perfume is FOUR today!


(Sorry. You’re going to have to provide your own. I’ve already eaten mine and it was delicious.)

I say it every year, but it still rings so true: When I started this blog with a quiet little post about my love of Little Women’s  Professor Bhaer, I had no idea what wonderful things were in store for me. I had no idea if anyone would even read it and I had no idea if I would keep it up. But you did read it, and I did keep it up, and here we are at a four-year-old’s virtual birthday party with frosting on our faces, dancing to Taylor Swift.

Oh, is that just me?

I can’t pretend I’m one of the more popular bloggers on the block—not by a long shot. Most days, I hit “post” and cross my toes that someone, anyone, will care what I have to say about the latest episode of Outlander or a Baby-sitters Club book from thirty years ago. But then you guys do care, and you share it, and you take the time to tell me that it brought a smile to your face. You vote for your favorite literary hunks (Go, Roger Mac!) and talk about what you’re reading and occasionally tell me how cute my little intern Ollie is.

Who, me??

From the bottom of my book-loving heart, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’ve stuck by me, even when I had to press pause earlier this year. I’m so thankful for the amazing friends—authors, bloggers, and readers—I’ve met through this crazy, magnificent thing we call the internet. I’m thankful for every stop along the way of this Little Blog That Could’s journey and I am so excited for the next destination.

I have lots of fun up my frosting-splattered sleeve, from more throwback reads and book reviews to literary hunks and a new season of Outlander Superlatives. I can’t wait to keep talking books with you, and I can’t wait to meet more kindred spirits in the process.

Thank you, beautiful bibliophiles, for everything. Now go smell a book and I’ll meet you back here soon.

4 thoughts on “Shut the Front Door. Book Perfume is FOUR!

  1. Love your special insight on everything books!
    Your perspective shines! You are my favorite read, Book Perfume! Keep them coming!!!


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