March Hunkness Round 3: The Nifty Nine

The March Hunkness Tournament of Literary Hunks is HEATING UP!  Which makes sense, really. These heroes are hot, hot, hot.

Your votes have been cast, your voices have been heard, and the Elite Eighteen have been whittled down to the Nifty Nine. (And suddenly, I want nothing more than an Ocean’s 11 style movie called The Nifty Nine starring these literary hunks being hunky and charming. Can you imagine Mr. Rochester and Mr. Darcy in one room? They’d hate each other! Ah, but I digress…)

After a fierce competition, we said goodbye to some iconic heartbreakers, including the mad, bad Heathcliff, who knocked out reigning champ Jamie Fraser in round one! I liken this to when you have a Jeopardy! contestant who beats a record-breaking returning champion only to lose the next day. What this tells us, though, is that ANYTHING can happen during March Hunkness! So why don’t I stop talking about it and introduce the newest round of matchups?

As always, our dreamboats have been randomly paired off by drawing names out of my dog’s hat to ensure neutrality. Riggins will be QUITE happy when this competition is over so he can get his visor back.

Happy to help

Matchup #1
Roger Wakefield vs. Professor Bhaer vs. Ambulance Sam

Matchup #2
Edward Fairfax Rochester vs. Captain Frederick Wentworth

Matchup #3
Fitzwilliam Darcy vs. John Brooke

Matchup #4
Luke Brandon vs. Dex Thaler

There you have it, book lovers! Round three of voting will close this Friday, March 23, at 6:00 p.m. (ET). Remember – you can vote as often as you’d like, so check back and see how your favorite hunks are faring!

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